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July 3, 2009

My friend Marlene hired me to paint a wall in her guest bedroom.  I thought for a while there that it was the mural that had no end.  But, great rejoicing in all the land, I finally finished it today!  This was really a fun project especially since she gave me complete artistic license to create whatever I wanted.  I chose the colors based on the bedding and other artwork already in the room.  Each different color has multiple layers of pattern and design.  All of it was done completely free hand save for two small stencils and two rubber stamps.  I had no preconceived draft to work off of.  Only the picture in my head.  Marlene has a very eclectic mix of antiques and modern art in the room so I wanted something that had the feel of both, and also to give the room a lot of warmth and brightness.

It was very difficult to get good pictures because it is a small room with bad lighting.  The colors and detail haven’t come out as good as I had hoped but you get the idea.  (The closet area has been blacked out in the full wall photos because it was too distracting from the mural.)

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