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Had I Now Wings (Sold)

February 10, 2011

The February group art show for the Talkeetna Artist’s Guild is a mosaics show.  That was definitely right up my alley.  My creative juices flowing I hauled out my polymer clay accouterments and got busy with the time consuming task of hand making tiles.  Time consuming, but fun!!!  The focal piece for this mosaic is a sweet picture of a Victorian girl wearing wings to which I’ve added the line from a Wordsworth poem, “Had I now the wings of a faery, up to thee would I fly.”  Her fancy frame is something I picked out of a dollar bin at the craft store. It was an atrocious color but, paint covers a multitude of sins.  Tiles are a mix of pink, orange, silver, copper, some brown, and black. My original form was quite large and with the deadline looming at me I realized that I had bitten off more than I could finish. So, down to my hoard in the basement I went and found a smaller wooden frame that I had picked up at a thrift store.  It had a yellowing, bubbling, terrifying picture of elk glued to it – but when I saw it, I knew it had potential. Off ripped the photo, on went a coat of black paint, then on the outside of the frame a layer of pewter paint with some silver rub-n-buff over that. Much better! Plus the new frame gives the illusion that the mosaic is floating in the frame. It just seems to give a little extra something. And downsizing definitely helped me get more focused on my project and make the deadline in time. Phew!

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