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In Peace (sold)

February 10, 2011

My other mosaic for February’s group art show all started with a rusty old washer I picked up out of my husband’s shop last spring. “Do you need this for anything?” I asked. Note: It is always polite to ask before you take some old rusty parts from your husband’s shop; surreptitiously slipping things into your pocket works also. “No, why? Do you want it for something?” he replied.  “Yeah, I want to make something out of it,” says I. “What are you going to make?” he asks.  “I don’t know,” I respond.  He just smiles. He may not completely understand it…but he gets it.

So, while looking for inspiration in the collection of junk ARTifacts I’ve accumulated, this rusty washer popped into my hands and cried,”Use me! Use me!” I love it when that happens! It seems like everything falls into place when inspiration hits.  Well, it just so happened that I had a mold for faces and that one of them fit perfectly inside that gorgeous washer. My wood form had an arch at the top so the idea of a religious relic including a peaceful face with a halo of rust became my theme. Fitting the tiles around the arch and the washer was quite an undertaking. It took me three days just to finish the arch. The hand-made tiles are a combination of warm tones from brown to red to gold with glints of metallic copper and gold. I made two beaded tassels to hang down from each corner.

“Honey, remember that rusty old washer I grabbed out of the shop last spring? I knew I would need it one of these days!”  He just smiles.  He gets it.

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