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More Mirrors

March 20, 2011

I forgot to post these back when I made them last September.  In a previous post, Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall, I had indicated that there would be more to come.  I even went so far as taking the pictures.  But then somewhere between taking the photos and posting the photos there was a complete disconnect.  I’m the only one that happens to, right?

The first one, I am especially proud of.  I put a lot of extra love and care into it as it was a special gift for our super, amazing, kind, wonderful dog-sitter, Shawna.  Posting this now is particularly bittersweet as we lost our Tanner girl 10 days before Christmas.  Our dog was our baby and the only person I would trust with her besides my husband and myself, was Shawna.  She was Tanner’s other Mama.  Shawna has a thing for hearts so I made a lot of heart themed tiles and even a couple with puppy paw prints.  Sniff, sniff.  In shades of red and pink with gold and copper accents, each and every tile is individually hand made.  I titled this one “From the Heart.”

The second one was purchased by another friend of mine.  She was taking it to her booth at a craft co-op to sell, but it didn’t make it to her booth if you know what I mean. Wink, wink.  This one has a winged theme to go with the saying “Love gives you wings.”  I also tried something different with this one by cutting out illustrations and putting them on plain black tiles like I do with the book words.  I liked the variation that it added to the stamped tiles.  It is done in shades of green and gold and copper.  I titled it “Wings.” And I must have been in an awful hurry because the mirrors in both pictures are quite messed up.  They are, in fact, smirking at me.  Not good.  Ahhhh, well.  The perfectionist in me must have been taking a chocolate break that day.  The Just-Let-It-Go side of me is trying to distract the perfectionist in me with chocolate, right now.  “You want it, I know you do!  Just walk away! No one really cares that there are fingerprints on the mirrors! Now go eat your chocolate and chill out!”

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