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Trash to Treasure Bulletin Board

March 23, 2011

I bought this for a dollar at a thrift shop.  Gorgeous, no? No! But, wait…
























I’ve been wanting a large sized bulletin board for the wall above our phone/mail area.  Eventually we are going to build a built-in area for mail sorting, phone messages, and charging various phones, ipods, etc.  But, until then I really wanted a nice bulletin board for capturing notes, coupons, and calendars.  This thrift store find was just the ticket and right in my price range.  I really didn’t care what condition the cork was in because I was going to cover it with fabric, however; when I started pulling all the paper strips off of it I was looking at a brand new bulletin board.  Also, there was a full piece of foam core board taped to the backside.  At first I thought it was to reinforce a flimsy or broken board but not at all.  I have no idea whatsoever why that foam board was there…score for me, though.  I got a brand new (still had the stickers on it) piece of foam core in the deal.  Bonus!  So all “stripped down” I was quite pleased with what my dollar had gotten me.

I proceeded to paint the frame white, then I sprayed the board with spray adhesive and smoothed a piece of linen over it. I would have removed the board from the frame, covered it with the fabric, then replaced it but the frame was built in such a way as to make this impossible.  It is actually a really well-built bulletin board.  There was enough space between the board and the frame to tuck the fabric in, so I used the end of a metal ruler and went along pushing the raw edges under the frame.  For a finishing touch I placed a felt embellishment sticker from a scrapbook supply store in the lower left corner.


























I am really pleased with how it turned out and it fits perfectly in the space!

Bulletin Board $1.00

Paint (had on hand)

Spray adhesive (had on hand)

Linen $5.00

Felt Embellishment $1.20

I paid a whopping $7.20 for my new classy bulletin board

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