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Bird Cage Lampshade

May 18, 2011

Wow, I finally got around to turning my beloved bird cage into a lamp.  I’ve only had that on my to-do list for over a year now!  At first I thought it was going to be a hanging lamp.  So, I hung it up in the guest room to see how I liked it.  I didn’t.  Next I thought I would use a floor lamp with a hanging shade.  Looked and looked and looked for that style floor lamp every time I went to a thrift store and nada.  Finally, I played with the thought of just using it as a lamp shade on a regular table lamp.  I took a shade off of one of my lamps and balanced the bird cage on it and the idea grew on me.  At this point I thought I was back to looking for a thrift store lamp.  It would have to be fairly tall and skinny, color didn’t matter because I would paint it, of course.  Planning my next thrift store run while vacuuming the floor (and wondering how many thrift stores it would take to find what I was looking for) I pulled the office chair out of the way so I could get behind it and what did I find?  Lo, and behold, I already had the perfect lamp!!!!  I had completely forgotten about this lamp that used to be in our bedroom.  When we moved into our new house it was abandoned to the dark corner of the office because the master bedroom had sconce style lamps on the wall on each side of the bed.  No need for a bedside lamp.  The perfect lamp had been sitting there all the time.  Kinda made me want to smack my forehead like in the old “I could’ve had a V-8” commercials.  The  “Duh Factor” strikes again.  I was almost tempted to stop vacuuming right then and there (but no, I did finish) so I could get into my project right away.  Clean floors and a finished lamp!  I’m feeling pretty dang good right about now. I didn’t take a before and after of the lamp base but suffice it to say it has already been three different colors so number four was not a big deal.  It went from green to blue (for a very short time, I’m just not a blue person) to brown (for quite a while) and now black.

Back when I bought this bird cage I immediately thought “LAMP!”  I was pretty excited about my idea.  Then, not even a week after purchasing it, Butch and I watched the Grey Gardens movie with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang.  Side note: If you have not seen this movie, you should.  Both ladies did an amazing, mind-blowing recreation of Big and Little Edie Bouvier.  A-mazing!  Anyway, while watching the movie I noticed that Little Edie had made herself a bird cage lamp.  Wow!  I started laughing because, well, I wasn’t sure what that said about my decorating style (hopefully my clothing style does not reflect hers in any way) but honestly, it made me like the idea even more.  After that I “googled” bird cage lamps and they were all over…so much for my original idea.  But I still love my cagey lamp shade and I definitely think little Edie would approve!

Here are more photos of the lamp and additional decorating I’ve been doing in my guest room.

To see other before shots of my guest room click here.

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