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Painting Signs and Signing Books

June 26, 2011

I have been so busy painting signs lately that I’ve found myself singing the song from Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Except for me it’s “Just keep painting, just keep painting, painting, painting.”

After finishing the big outside sign for the coffee shop, Mar came up with a couple more whole heap of projects for me to do for her.  Including 6 more signs.  Then I got a referral to paint two sandwich board signs for the Talkeetna Visitor Center.  Sandwich board means two sides per sign so, technically, 4 signs.  I currently have 6 signs in various stages of progress all over my basement.  “Just keep painting, painting, painting… Just keep painting…”  I look like a walking color swatch paint display from a hardware store.  “Oh, what do you think of this spot on my shoulder? It’s called Leather Brown.  Or maybe you would rather go with something like this blue on my left big toe.  No, that is not my nail polish!”  I think I might even have some in my ear.  I’ll have to go check.  I walked into the coffee shop like that today, delivering the third to last sign – and yes, I am counting down– and I was apologizing for my painty appearance.  But Mar just smiled and said, “yeah, but you wear paint well!”  Awwwww, don’t you just love friends like that?!!!!!  Photos of my various projects will be posted soon.

Tomorrow, however, I am putting down my paintbrush and picking up a pen.  The little bookstore next door to Coffee a la Mar is having a book signing for me!  I am so excited to take my little children’s book down there and talk to people about it.  I will be at Tales Told Twice in downtown Talkeetna from 1 – 4 so any of you locals want to come out and see me, drink a little coffee, have some delicious cookies…I would love it!

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