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having ourselves a merry very little christmas

December 23, 2011

I have always loved decorating for Christmas. Over the years I’ve gone from decking the halls, walls, floors, ceiling, and every other surface of the house inside and out, to just focusing on my Christmas tree. I have an extensive tree ornament collection which I add to every year. Living in Alaska has pretty much forced us to a faux tree but over the years of having a prelit, ready-to-go tree I’m very much a fan of faux faux faux. Our tree is a 7 footer which is typically decorated to the hilt like this picture from last year…

This year, however, we had other considerations to bear in mind when decorating for the holidays.

Meet our new little girl, Trudy. She is a Black Russian Terrier that we got at the end of November. She has completely melted our hearts and completed our family. When it came time to put up the Christmas tree, however, I realized what a horrible, no good, awful, very bad idea that would be. Not fair to her having a huge temptation sitting in the living room for 3-4 weeks. Not fair to me to have to monitor her 24/7. So I pulled out a little table top tree that we had back when we lived in a tiny shed (yes, we lived in an 8 x 12 tool shed – sans tools – for 8 months but that’s a different story for a different time.) The tree is perfect for our puppy stage of life right now. In fact, it turned out so cute I think it is my favorite tree we’ve had so far!

Our Tanner girl's tags hang on the tree in her memory

of course it just isn't Christmas without a few Swedish touches

a polymer clay ornament I made

I’ve got all the smallest ornaments from my collection plus some candy canes. I also made some silver glitter word swags that say: Merry and bright, winter wonderland, deck the halls, and believe. There is one strand of battery operated lights and the tree skirt is a vintage Swedish table runner from my Mother-in-law and it is draped with a strap of antique sleigh bells that still jingle. The sound always makes me think of the movie The Polar Express. I must still believe because the bells definitely ring for me! I took a few of my favorite larger ornaments that I couldn’t use on the tree and hung them from the light over the dining room table.

However you decorate for the holidays this year, I hope your home is full of warmth, love, and joy!

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