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art with a 24 point word score

February 24, 2012

Our master bedroom is getting a mini makeover right now and part of that is new art.  I am making new personalized art that is more meaningful to us.  One of my first projects was this super easy scrabble art.  I know you see scrabble art all over now but I think if you love it and it makes you smile then you should do it regardless of whether it is trendy or not.  It goes both ways.  You should just surround yourself with the things you love.  There you have it…my decorating motto (and I didn’t even know I had one!)

For this quick and easy project you need a picture frame the size you will need, fabric (or you could use scrapbook paper), scrabble tiles, hot glue gun & glue.  I was going to use a piece of muslin for the backing but the scrabble tiles blended right in so I switched to some grey fabric that I’m also going to use for pillow covers as well.  Since you don’t need the glass for the picture frame I just used that and wrapped it with the fabric.  Hot glue it on the back.  I wouldn’t normally use hot glue for anything glass because you can just pull it apart but this is stuck in a frame and not being tugged at so it will hold just fine. 

























Then arrange the tiles the way you want them. There are so many things you can do with this the possibilities are endless.  I like the quote “You complete me” from the movie Jerry Maguire.  I like that the configuration of the scrabble tiles actually does complete the word me.  Again, hot glue the tiles to the front side of the fabric covered glass.  I chose to use hot glue again because if I ever want to do something else with my tiles I can easily just pull them off (game anyone?)  Now if your picture frame looks the way you want it to then just pop it in the frame and you are done, baby!  I told you it was quick!  My frame was bright red.  Not good.  I wanted a gold frame and I’m always looking for an excuse to paint something. So out came the paint and my secret weapon for making things gold.  And no I do not have the Midas touch!  First I painted it with this metallic espresso colored paint that I love.  It is yum! 

After that dried I got out my secret weapon, Rub’n Buff.  It comes in little tubes and has a bit of a toothpaste consistency.

Get a little bit on a soft rag on the end of your finger and just start doing what the name says.  Rub’n and buff’n.  The more you rub and buff the more soft and burnished it will become.

I did a layer of antique gold and then a layer of bright gold leaf.  The antique gold has a bit too much of a pink cast to it. But I think it gives a piece more dimension when you layer in different patinas.  See how you can see a bit of the espresso paint and antique gold in the creases of the frame?  This gives and aged, antiquey look to your frame.  My frame was a bit battered too which I totally don’t mind and lends to the aged look as well.

Rub’n Buff gives a soft, glowy gold finish that I prefer over most gold paints.  When all is dry put your picture together and enjoy!

Have you completed any fun projects lately?

I’m linking up to Today’s Creative Blog and Vintage Wanna Bee

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