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super easy button front shirt pillow covers

February 26, 2012

Here is a super easy way to make throw pillow covers out of button front shirts!

1. Measure your pillow form and add 1″ to each measurement.  (This will give you a half inch seam allowance for sewing.)

2. Cut a front and back piece for your pillow from the front and back of the shirt.  (pin the button placket shut so it wont gap.)

3. Put pieces right sides together and pin edges.

4. Sew with a half inch allowance all the way around all four sides.

5. Unbutton, turn right side out, insert pillow form, and button back up!

You can use any button front shirt.  Get creative and use a favorite shirt you just can’t part with.  The shirt of a loved one to remember them by.  Bright Hawaiian shirts would look cute in a play room or family room.  Wouldn’t a ruffled shirt or tuxedo shirt look cool?  Flannel checks would add a rustic, masculine touch to a room.

You can also display them with the buttons turned to the back if you want.

I love that the buttons while adding interest to the pillow also make it easy to remove for washing.

Have you been doing any sewing lately?

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