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March 1, 2012

I am the type of person who likes to rip pages out of magazines and save them for future reference.  I even have a 3-ring notebook (or two) with page protectors full of inspiration and ideas ripped from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens, Fine Homebuilding, and the like.  A bit geeky, I know!  This is the reason I dove into pinterest with joyful abandon.  There are so many amazing ideas and inspiring photos out there in blogland and it is nice to finally have a place to keep them all tidy and organized and easy to access.  I think pinterest is a wonderful tool and I try to use it as such.  I don’t really repin a lot of stuff already on pinterest.  I recognized early on that you just can’t view all the pins on pinterest and it could become the most gigantic time waster ever invented!  But when I run across something, in the course of the sites that I follow, that just speaks to me, I pin it to one of my boards.  My biggest collection is in the area of home decorating.  Once you’ve been pinning for a while you might begin to notice some trends that you may not even have been aware of.  They can help you define your own unique decorating style.  I know myself, that I have a very eclectic style and that is quite evident in my pins!  I guess I don’t like being put into a specific style box.  Here are some of the trends that I do notice amongst all my pins…

#1. Colors I am drawn to:  Teal/Aqua and Yellow

from everyday lovely

Jane Hall Design





























#2. Books have an important place in my home  (okay, I already knew that.  I just didn’t realize to what extent I really really really want walls and walls of built-in bookshelves!)

apartment therapy






apartment therapy

apartment therapy




































#3. I love gallery walls!


eclectic revisited



aka design































































What do your pins tell you?

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  1. kcmmorris permalink
    March 4, 2012 5:23 am

    Sandy, you are totally right. I love the idea of looking everything over to figure out what I like. I need to pin some more then!

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