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plans, pain, and pretties

March 15, 2012

white roses

I had a week’s worth of blog post ideas all lined out.  My sewing machine is sitting at attention. Waiting.  Not to mention birthday cards that are getting more and more belated as the clock ticks. And numerous other things like clean houses and laundry that remain untended.  *sigh*   But I am trying to keep everything in perspective because sometimes we have limits and when we reach those limits our bodies are trying to tell us something.

My body has been trying to tell me (and the Dr.) something since the end of July this last summer.  I had a sudden attack of excruciating abdominal pain that took my breath away and dropped me off at the ER.  Since then there have been X-rays, blood tests, urinalysis, ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans, visits with 4 different doctors and a whole lot of frustration when nothing was detected.  I have pretty much been in constant pain, sometimes unbearable, sometimes just rotten annoying, but always there…draining me.  But life goes on and if the doctors can’t find anything wrong with you, then you must soldier on until something changes.  Over the past couple of weeks the pain has escalated to the point where I was just done.  I needed answers and I needed them now!  Putting my plans aside I pursued a prognosis on my pain.  My theory was that I had a hernia but after consulting with a surgeon (and one more test, of course!) it was determined that I have diverticulosis.  The surgeon said that it was far more advanced than he would expect to see in someone my age.  There are also a couple of other “issues” with my intestines that seem to be exacerbating the situation.  It was not the answer that I wanted, but it was an answer, and having that is half the battle.  We are now moving forward to investigate just how “involved” this is and what we need to do to “fix” it.  So, I should be starting to slowly get back to my bloggy plans this week and hopefully the sewing machine will be humming out more throw pillow covers before long too.  But I’m also going to take time to rest, recuperate, and enjoy the company of my husband and sweet pup.

Butch surprised me with these pretty roses last night after having a long day of doctor appointments and a less than cheerful diagnosis.  I love him so much!  It makes it so much easier to do life with someone like that by your side.  The roses are white with a slight creamy pink center.  Lovely and peaceful just the way I hope this coming week will be.  I will leave you with more pictures of my pretties because every post needs beautiful pictures whatever the content may be.  And in the interest of being an informative, diy post… I took them with my 50mm lens.  It is my “go to” lens these days.  It takes amazing photos in low light (no flash necessary) and I love how it focuses in on the subject and leaves a hazy background.

wishing you a lovely and peaceful week also!

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  1. Grace permalink
    March 18, 2012 3:40 pm

    Beautiful pictures! Hope you are feeling better soon!

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