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dress up plain jar lids with decorative knobs

March 18, 2012

A quick way to add interest to plain metal lids is to add decorative knobs.  You can use any cabinet pulls from a hardware store or they also sell these at craft stores such as Micheal’s.

I chose to use these because of the smaller size and the fact that the attachment screws were much shorter.  Plus, I got three for the price you would pay for one cabinet pull (thank you Michael’s coupons!)

First measure and make tiny scratches to mark the center.

Then drill through the lid where marked using a drill bit just large enough for the screw to pass through.  You will create fine metal filings, so wear safety glasses just in case.  It would be awful if one flew up into your eyes!

Then you just screw the knobs onto the lids and you’re done!  It really dresses up a plain jar and is so easy it didn’t even take me 15 minutes to do this project.

One thing to keep in mind if using cabinet hardware is that you will need to buy shorter screws since the metal lid is much thinner than a cupboard door or dresser drawer.

Have you been doing any fun little projects lately?








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