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But hey, that’s just me

April 4, 2012

Well, it seems as if I’m not meant to get to my projects any time soon.  If it isn’t me with health issues it’s the dog.  So, I’m just letting it go… taking a breather…and instead I decided to throw my 2 cents out there regarding a decorating trend that has been growing and gaining popularity for quite a few years now regarding arranging books on bookshelves.  Arranging books according to color to be specific.















Admittedly, it does look very cool.  I just can’t bring myself to jump on that rainbow decorating train.  For me arranging books by color is no different than if a restaurant were to arrange the food on their menu according to color.  Because, who knows?  You might have a craving for something orange or you might be in the mood to read something red.  It makes no sense to me because I see my books as much more than decorative.  I would never be able to find the book I was looking for if I used that system.  Not to mention that some of my book series have different colored covers.  My head would explode if I had to break up the series just to arrange them by color!  It seriously would.  Plus what if I had an overabundance of one color and only one or two of another?  That would make me nutty.  Then I would feel like I had to go out and buy more books of a certain color to balance out my collection.  And if someone were to put a book away in the wrong color section?  Well, let’s just not go there.  Okay, I’ve way over-thought this but it’s what goes through my mind every time I see a picture like this.

from One King’s Lane
















Personally I prefer arranging my books by genre and then by author within each genre.  That’s how I do it and that’s how I will always do it come fad or high fashion.  But hey, that’s just me.

How do you like to arrange your books?  Do you love the color system?  If so, tell me how it works for you!

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  1. Grace permalink
    April 6, 2012 4:47 am

    I agree with you, San! My books are arranged by author, AND the series have to be in order. I hated it when I went to the library, and the Little House or Anne of Green Gable books were in alphabetical order and not series order. I laugh when I see home decorating shows where the decorator goes out and buys books just because they are the “right color” to accessorize the room. If a book is on my shelf, it is because it has meaning for me–as a story to be enjoyed or a source of information. Several have places of honor as dear friends from childhood. You know your book crazy sister…

    • Sandy permalink*
      April 6, 2012 7:03 pm

      No, I agree. The only time I buy books for “decorative” purposes is buying old books I don’t care about to use the pages out of for craft projects like my bookshelves.


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