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travels and treasures

May 5, 2012

We spent the last two weeks on a vacation traveling around NE Oregon and then spent some time at the family farm as well.  It was wonderful to soak in the sun and see green grass and flowers everywhere.  Trudy came along and she was such a great little traveler and a joy to have along for the ride.  It was also fun finding treasures to bring home (more on that in my next post.)  But I am going to start with our last day first by telling you about the most amazing, jaw-dropping, place that I fell in love with… Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage in Aurora Oregon.   If you live within a couple hundred miles of this place it is SO worth visiting! If I lived within a couple hundred miles of this place, I would be in big huge trouble.  They also sell some of their smaller stuff from a shop on Etsy so you can get in trouble with me from afar if you live out of state.  My brother wanted to take us but the day we drove up there it was closed (open Tuesday – Sunday FYI) so my parents took us on our way to the airport the day we left for home.  I knew the place was heaven just by what they had sitting out on the porch but when I walked inside I nearly swooned.  And with each new room I had to remind myself to keep breathing and not pass out.  Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage is where all the good house parts go when they die and they are just waiting to be reborn into a new home.  Maybe yours?  From door knobs to Doric columns this place has it all.  And so I will leave you with just a few phone camera photos that I snapped as I wandered around in a stupor saying “wow!” every 5 seconds.  Enjoy!  I know I did.



Was I right or was I right?!!!  And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

I am still unpacking but as soon as I get pictures of the treasures I brought home I will share them with you!

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