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don’t plan on it…

May 16, 2012

Have you ever heard that saying, “we make plans and God laughs” ?  Well…it seems to be a theme for me this year.  Just when I think I am really rollin’ on something.  ERCH! (that’s the sound of screeching brakes just in case you were wondering.)  So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this particular change of plans because it is something Butch and I have been talking about for quite a while now.  Moving.  You see, our last “vacation” was actually a scouting mission looking for potential places to move.  But I think in the back of our minds we were projecting at least a year out. And the way we talked before we left for our vacation was like we certainly didn’t think we were going to come home with a definitive answer already fixed in our minds.  You know, we were going to sit down and make a pro/con list for each place and do that whole scene.  But that is most certainly not what happened.  Once we were back home and we just knew where we wanted to be and everything seemed more black and white we started wondering why wait a year?  So, in a couple weeks our house will officially be listed for sale.  Wow.  Now we do understand that with the housing market we may end up waiting a year anyway, but it just made sense to us to start the process right now and see what happens.

















That being said, all the projects that I’ve been working on. Trying to work on.  Saving up to work on in the future.  Those are all full stop.  Typically I am not a person who shifts gears quickly and easily.  I like time to process things.  But I also know that change is good and this change really excites me so I’m totally on board and puttin’ her into high gear.  All I can say is some artsy-craftsy people are going to hit the jackpot at our moving sale because, while I am not a hoarder in my personal/home decorating life, I am a project hoarder of epic proportions.  Yesterday I was wandering through my stocked shelves remembering all the things I was going to do with this…and this…and this, and I was super-mega embarrassed by my pile of  unused ARTifacts.  Then I had an epiphany.  I am instituting a ruthless “use it or lose it” clause at our next home or else!  That’s it.  End. of. story.   After that I actually felt happier and more at peace.  I learned something ugly about myself but I am willing to face it, change it, and use it to grow.  Now I’m going through the whole house and culling out what we don’t need, use, want and adding it to the mountain that is our future yard sale.  This is going to be a busy summer!
















Oh I should also mention that we have 2 months worth of company already lined up to come see us this summer (planned before we decided to move.)  So that should really make things fun if they weren’t already!  And I am also teaching a class on making polymer clay tiles in July! (almost forgot about that one!  oops.)

Considering all this, I have given myself permission to not be on my computer much and have released myself from my blogging goals during this season.  And I am not going to finish any of my current projects.  There will be time for that this winter (wherever we happen to be.)  I know it is probably going to be crazy busy and I just don’t want to add more on my plate than I can reasonably enjoy.  And I have purposed that I am going to enjoy every day and be in the moment so that I can savor the end our our time here in Alaska.  We love it here.  It has been home for us for a good long time and we have friends here who are more family than friend.  We don’t feel like we are leaving something so much as going TO something.  I might pop on for an occasional post if I feel inspired but then again…maybe I wont.

How do you handle change?  Do you hoard projects like me?  Do you have a use it or lose it clause?  How does it work for you? I want to know!!!

I hope you have a stress free and enjoyable summer!

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