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diy rubber stamped tile coasters

August 3, 2012

We had a big moving sale two weekends ago and rid ourselves of all kinds of things.  Lightening the load in preparation for moving and an opportunity to shed all that accumulation (of what?) that happens over time.  The idea of starting fresh and uncluttered in a new house appeals to me.  But in my zest to divest myself of material goods I kind of went overboard and got rid of something we use every day.  No, I didn’t sell our toothbrushes or the kitchen sink.  I sold the coasters.  Gasp!  Not a big deal item in the big picture.  But when your husband has to precariously balance his cup of coffee on his knee, the arm of the couch, a stack of magazines, or whatever else he can find in lieu of direct contact on the vintage end table and he starts constructing imaginative stacks of items as makeshift-coasters-please-get-the-hint-honey…then you know you’ve gone too far.

“Where are the coasters?” he asked patiently one day.

“I sold them in the moving sale.”  I replied sheepishly.   “I may have gotten a little too excited about selling stuff.”

“Really?” he replied.  It was more of a statement than a question.  As in, I’m not surprised.  In the least.

So during my next trip to town I stopped at V.V.’s to see if they had any coasters that could fill our need.  I didn’t find any but there was a bundle of tiles that were just the right size for coasters.  Eight tiles for four dollars seemed a good deal and although they were a little bland looking I knew I could jazz them up so I got them.

To do this project all you need:  Tiles, StazOn brand stamping ink, rubber stamps of your choice, stick on felt pads or felt and glue.   Then it is simply a matter of stamping whatever design you want on the tiles.  Seriously.  If you can operate a rubber stamp then you can make these.  Your kids could make these.

Make sure the tile is clean and free of any tile dust.  Ink you rubber stamp and press firmly but not too hard or the stamp might slip on the surface of the tile.  You want a nice clear impression.

Continue to stamp your design.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. You could personalize them for your own home or a nice hostess gift.

I noticed some open spots on this one that I wanted to fill so I grabbed my 7 gypsies express stamp that has 12 different words and phrases to choose from and filled in with words here and there until I liked it.

Once it is finished, turn it over and put felt pads at each corner or glue a piece of felt on the back.  The felt pads I used were larger than necessary but they were what I had on hand.

Place on tables to use and enjoy!

Don’t you love fast and simple projects like this?!  I know I do!  I think my husband will be happy with them as well.  And that’s always a good thing.

I’m linking up for Frugal Friday at the Shabby NestSimple Home Life’s Simply Creations  and Funky Junk Interior’s Saturday Nite Special link parties

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  1. September 4, 2012 2:13 am

    These are so special and beautiful…will the ink run with moisture though?

    • Sandy permalink*
      September 5, 2012 12:28 am

      Thank you! If you use Staz On stamping ink it will not run. Staz on is a permanent ink designed to use on non-porous and semi-porous surfaces such as metal, acrylic, shrink plastic, aluminum foil, cellophane, leather and some glass. We use these coasters regularly and they look exactly the same as the day I made them. They have even been spilled on and wiped off and there is no fading or running or smearing at all. This is why I specify that you should use this brand of ink for this project.

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