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We have arrived! Introducing our new house.

April 23, 2013

We moved into our new house on April 1st with sunny skies, green grass, and blooming trees to welcome us.   After leaving 5 feet of snow on the ground and nights still getting below zero that was a warm welcome indeed.  Our first house offer fell through at the last minute so I ended up flying back down by myself in February to go house hunting again.  That meant that the love of my life moved into a house he had never been in.  I did take video for him so he sorta knew what he was getting into but still…that is a pretty huge amount of trust he had in me.  But he continually reminded me that home is wherever we are together not a specific house or geographic location, so that helped me not feel quite so pressured.  I didn’t have to worry after all, though, because as soon as I walked into this house I could just picture us living there.  It was US.  It is a bit “builder’s beigey” but we have a lot of ideas for making it our own and customizing it so that has me excited about future projects.  For instance, we want to make built-ins on each side of the fireplace and also build an island for the kitchen.

So, without further ado, meet our new house.  (Some pics are from MLS listing so have previous owners decor etc.  Some are post us moving in and have paint test swatches all over the walls.)

house1 house2 house3 house4 house5 house9 house10 house11 a053 a058 a060 a062 a072 a086Signature2 blue

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