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Painting Rooms: How to paint edges without using tape.

July 8, 2013

We started painting over the builder’s beige finally!  We tackled the guest bedroom first because it is the smallest room and the only one that doesn’t have a vaulted ceiling.  So it was easy.  I don’t have any pictures because the room isn’t completely put back together yet.  But I must say, even just having one room done helps my outlook so much.  I love walking in there and taking a break from all the beige (there isn’t a wall or ceiling in the entire house that isn’t that color.)  It is like having an oasis in the middle of a beige desert.  Ahhhhh!  I could go on and on about how much I love that room but I wont.  You’re welcome.

What I will go on about is how much I enjoy painting.  I know.  I think it’s something you either love or hate.  Me, I’m a luvah. One of the things that helps me with painting (because I’m a “let’s just get on with it!” kind of gal) is not taping off edges before cutting in a room.  It save a boatload of time and in my experience most of the tapes don’t really seal paint out unless you do a whole lot of extra steps (fugetaboutit!) or the tapes that do seal well are super spendy.  Me, I want to crack that can of paint and start going for it.  After laying out my drop cloth of course.

So I thought I would share my process of painting the edges of a room without taping.  I am using the baseboard as an example but the steps apply to any edges.  Windows/ceilings/doors are all edged using this process.  So without further ado…

Begin1Step oneThis may be obvious but I’ll mention it…the side of the brush with paint on it needs to be the side that will face the wall when holding the brush with the short end facing you and the point end of the brush away from you.  Sorry, I’m not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence.  Just trying to be a clear communicator.

Step twoStep threeStep fourStep fiveCeiling tip

The ceiling tip is only for rooms that do not have crown molding.  If your room has molding around the ceiling use the steps as described here.  If you don’t have trim around the ceiling and you have textured walls paint will have a tendency to splooch into the tiny little indentations of the texture along the transition from wall to ceiling.  This will give a gloppy looking line.  Using an artists brush with a flat line will give you more control by pushing it up to the top of the wall giving you a nice clean line.

I hope this helps!  I’d love to know your painting tips too!

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