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Painting Rooms: Let’s talk color – Willowdale by ACE paint

July 8, 2013

If it is possible to have a love affair with a paint color then I think I’m having one.  Sorry Honey.  I’ve had a crush on minty greens for a while now and I never thought I would really go for it because, you know, it’s minty green.  But then I kept seeing pictures all over the internet with this wonderful color on the walls such as this room makeover by the amazingly talented Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior.

Hunted Interior Photo2Kristin has such a way with colors (and I love a room with lots of color!)  There aren’t many people I would allow to redecorate my house for me without my being involved but I would give Kristin carte blanche on my home any time.

Then there was this beauty by Kate Spade, of course.

























and more like this…













via pinterest

and this…




















via BHG

What I really love about this color is how it acts as a neutral with all the other colors going on in the rooms.

Since I was so smitten, I knew I would be disappointed if I didn’t just go for it.  First I came home with a test pot of ACE paint, Mint Julep, but it didn’t last.  Mint Julep came on too strong.  I don’t like that in a paint.  So just when I was wondering if my crush would ever bloom into real true love…I was introduced to Willowdale.  *sigh*

Willowdale by ACE PaintsWillowdale by ACE Paints

Willowdale by ACE Paints3

The pictures don’t do it justice.  Trust me.  It is the perfect light minty green hedging toward aqua.  It doesn’t look as white as it does in the first two pictures but it is a very pale color yet not too babyish and not too hospitalish.  Just perfect.  I told my friend, Cyndi, that I loved this color so much I wanted to lick the walls.  Too much?  All righty then!

I can’t wait to watch the evolution of this room now that I’ve got my perfect wall color.  As you can see from my granny squares throw on the end of the bed I want to bring in lots of bright colors grounded with black and white.  The heirloom bedspread was a steal at $15. Eventually there will be a little upholstered headboard DIY going on in here.  I’m also picturing brass swing arm lamps on the end tables and a gallery wall.

The first of the boring builder’s beige rooms is officially transformed and I’m so glad I was brave and went with my color crush.  What colors have you been crushing on lately?

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