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Paint Screen Turned Jewelry Organizer

August 13, 2013

Don’t you love it when a simple solution to a problem presents itself?  I know I do!  I’ve never really had a great way to store/organize my jewelry and lately it has been encroaching on the bathroom vanity and the shelves of my walk-in closet.  I tried using different containers but having it in something where I couldn’t actually see it doesn’t work for me. Out of sight out of mind, you know.  My original idea was to put screen or some kind of small wire fencing behind an empty picture frame but that wasn’t a perfect solution either.  I have tons of bracelets (I love me a good arm party!) and will more than likely continue to acquire them and the whole picture frame thing didn’t really solve that issue to my satisfaction.  So I got Mr. Sturdy in on my dilemma knowing that he would more than likely come up with some good ideas.  True to form, he did.  He took me shopping at the hardware store and we walked up and down the aisles looking for things that we could use in a different way.  That was kind of fun in and of itself.  Try it sometime.  Open your mind and look at things not as what they are intended but as, “what else could I do with this?”   Thanks to that outlook I found this guy.

paint screen







He is a paint roller screen for 5 gallon buckets of paint and is usually used like this. (via

Paint screen 2
















It initially caught my attention because of the screen and when I picked it up and took a good look at it, it became the perfect jewelry organizer.  Sometimes you have to turn things backward and upside down to find it’s true potential.  That’s a little Sandyism for you.  We bought some S hooks and a handful of small corks to use as spacers and that’s it.  The whole shebang cost less than $12.00 (and that was for two.)  Eventually I’m going to spray paint them white but I just needed to get myself organized.  When we get ready to paint the beige walls in the Master Bathroom then I will go ahead and paint these babies too.  Take a look.  FYI, they also come in silver.

Turn a paint screen into a jewelry organizer

Now let me show you the minimal work it took to make.

DIY Jewelry organizer

The best part is that the basic object is already made.  You just need to add spacers, hang it on the wall, add some S hooks and put your jewelry on it.

It can’t get much easier than that.    Here are some more views.

paint screen jewelry organizer by Sturdy design

paint screen jewelry organizer by Sturdy design

paint screen jewelry organizer by Sturdy design

This super simple solution has me feeling so much more organized and put together.  I love having a place to put my jewelry where I can see it and have it easily accessible.  I’m linking up with Tutorial Tuesdays at Hope Studios  and One Project at a Time at Bowl Full of Lemons.

Have you used anything in a unique way lately?Signature2 blue

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