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Out with the Blah in with the Brights!

February 22, 2012

I just updated the header and colors on my website. They were just plain boring before.

Asleep yet?

I realized that this did not reflect me in any way.  All along I was going to come up with something fun and original but I never took the time to do it. But after looking at this for a while the blahness (that’s a word, I swear!) of it just got to me.  So I brainstormed what I could do that wouldn’t take too much time and decided to use what I have. I ended up cropping some cool parts off of photos of a mural I painted a few years ago, put them together on Photoshop Elements, added a little text and zip, bam, boom I had a pretty header.  And utilizing my own original art.  Now that looks more like me!

I still want to design a completely new header or maybe a series that I can change out every now and then to keep it lively.  But that will have to wait for a while.

Oh and please don’t ask me how I made the header because I have a very old version of PE and my instructions would probably be a bit outdated. I really need to upgrade to a new version or try something else but I’m still researching my options.

Anyone have any good recommendations?

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